What Is Content & Content Marketing.

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Before we proceed to Content Marketing.


First we need to know what is Content:- Content is the information & experience that are directed towards an end-user or audience.It express through some medium like Article,Blogs,Videos & Images etc.

In this article I will be telling you about content marketing. As above told about content,Now let dive into What is content marketing & How content is produce ,How to promote through Content.

Content Marketing:- Creating relevant media & Sharing it online to educate people/fellas indirectly promoting our Brand, Product,or Services etc.by establishing yourself as a thought leader.A thought leader is an individual or firm which is recognized as one of the specialized in selected area such as Brands like Apple,Samsung, OnePlus many more.

Why Content Marketing is Important …?

  • Because nowadays information is easily available on online platforms. So everybody wants to utilize Internet platform to showcase Brand, Product or Services.
  • There are multiple market players who are competing over limited audience.
  • To grab customer attention in the world of many option

What is Important element of Content while creating it…?(Things to remember)

  1. Try to engage individual on their own terms.
  2. It should be based on interaction with buyers
  3. There must be narratives.
  4. Use right content for the right channel
  5. It must have defined purpose ,goal & Objective.

Benefit of Content Marketing :-

How content helps
  • Help in Brand awareness
  • Help in driving thought leadership or Brand preference
  • Help in reaching more buyers at low cost.


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