How to become Digital Marketer

                                     ” We Are Living In The Digital Life “

Today’s life revolves around the internet.Digital world is bigger than Physical,Our day start not we the Newspaper but rather catching snippet on Apps like “Inshort” , “Instagram” etc. there are endless list. If we don’t know something so we know who knows the answer and where to find “Mr. Google ” is there to helps us we total depend on internet if need buy something “online stores” are there, “Feeling hungry ” Zomato & Swiggy is there so what not there in online.???? Consciously or Unconsciously we depend on Internet.So when all Companies & Business are going in Digital media world why..??? Because they know where are there customer.Then what is the possible way to reach there doing marketing on digital media, Many eyeball can be found there only.So marketing on digital media is know as “Promoting the goods & services over digital media is called Digital Marketing”.

So today @ GrowMyBusiness-Blog I am going to brief you about Career in Digital Marketing & How you can be a High paying Digital Marketer. Don’t forget to Subscribe the Blog –every Saturday & Sunday GrowMyBusiness will publish article on Digital Marketing Tips & Knowledge Stay tune….For More

Todays generation is shifting towards Digital platform & Upcoming generation will be totally on digital media they will be not watching your T.V ads for 10min they will on YouTube they skip ads in 5 sec so that’s the only time we have to impress the audience .

There come the role of Digital Marketer to implement his knowledge and creative mind for which he/she is know for & Competition to be on the first page of result page for which he should expert in SEO.

So what is Marketing/Traditional Marketing promoting of good & service in Print media,T.V ads or Hording/Poster etc. But these are now become very less effective as said above required audience is on digital platform can be targeted using Digital Marketing technique.As you all know that Digital Marketing is a Booming field then why there is no one getting interested in it. Because people scared of risk taking & Improper guidence or career path in it.

You have read till  here..! Then you have taken your First step toward your Digital Journey.

If you want to get successful in any field you must first change your Mindset according to you fields.

      *Mindset about your Career
  1. Eagerness/Hungry to learn always.Why..?

Making career in any field doesn’t end at your certification/Degree.It requires continuous learning about updates in you desire field, Industry news whats working whats not.”Continuous learning very Imp”

 2. Networking

Yes, Its require to keep your mindset focus on your career goals.Surrounding yourself with the people who are more talented than you in the same field will help you grow and bring more opportunities.

 3. Personal Project

Try your own ideas don’t just treat industry leader.Everything that they do is not only way of doing. You can do same thing but differently every one mind think differently. Showing your project/portfolio has much weighted in comparison to certification/degree

 4. Learn Technology

Digital Marketer need to be comfortable with the terms used in digital marketing like SEO,PPC,SEM etc.

other than this if your are a techie or technology background is Awesome …..!

 5. Build your Personal Brand

Fancy yourself as a digital marketer hotshot but you have no visible online presence.If you want to show to an employer that you can build their company visible then you need to show that you can firstly build your own personal brand

 6. T-Shaped Marketer

A term commonly used by Rand Fishkin of MOZ it refers to having a basic understanding of multiple marketing discipline but need to have a expertise in one or two skill specialization.

 7. Metrics are the King

In digital marketing metrics/results is the King.In developing your own personal branding you will know your own CPC from CPA your strategies which worked & not worked.This will keep you apart from others.

*Technical Requirement

  1. How to use Internet
  2. HTML/Design
  3. Creative Mind
  4. Digital Marketing terms


Thanks You for Reading

-Kartik Kumar

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