Digital Marketing ….A booming sector

What is Digital Marketing…?

You might be hearing this around past 6 Months but ,don’t know what it is..?

No Problem…! We are here to help you..!

Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market product & services to consumer & business.

“In simple words promoting any product and services on digital platform like , etc”

For example: While watching videos on YouTube,Facebook or any other video sharing site you have “skip ads” , “Ads Banner on Videos” , “Side ads on any website or blog” these are the use of digital platform.

Traditional Marketing is one way to communicate with customer. while digital marketing is two way to communicate with customer by using other option available in platforms like ,share , comments etc.

Now you got the basic understanding of Digital Marketing till now.


Why world is moving towards Digital Marketing…?

  1. Instant Reach
  2. Direct Communication
  3. Interactive
  4. Less Expensive
  5. Measurable

                                    By the way have you thought what happens on Internet in 1-Min.

*What is the future of Digital Marketing…?

  1. 40% growth rate
  2. last year 200% growth rate
  3. Soon to be touch 7.8 Billion


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